Need Long-Distance Transportation?

Look no further than Hindelang Car Service, LLC in Margate City, Ventnor, Longport, Ocean City, Atlantic City, Brigantine, and nearby Offshore Communities

Whether you're visiting family for the holidays or heading to the city for a vacation, turn to Hindelang Car Service, LLC for long-distance transportation services. No distance is too far for me, and I offer custom prices depending on your destination. No need to worry about germs from other passengers, I clean and sanitize my six-passenger 2023 Ford Explorer, 2023 Mercedes-Benz Sedan, 2019 Ford Escape, or 2019 Ford Explorer after every trip.

Call 609-513-5983 now for long-distance transportation services in Margate City, NJ and other connecting towns

How I make travel easy for you

How I make travel easy for you

When you call me for long-distance transportation services, you won't have to worry about a thing. I will:

Clean the vehicle before picking you up
Load your wheelchair or walker without damaging it
Stow all of your personal belongings away safely

I understand the importance of safely stowing your mobility aids and equipment, which is why I take the time to properly secure everything. Reach out today to schedule your long-distance transportation services.